I joined BBB the start of this year with Bel as my coach, fast forward 6 months and i have gained so much more than what i initially signed up for. i joined BBB because i wanted to reach physique goals like most people but what i gained was a coach that gave me and my internal/mental health more attention than any other health professionals ever had. she genuinely showed interest in EVERY thing that wasn't quite right and spent the time trying to mend it. for someone that has had cycle/digestion issues since being a young teen to now in my late 20s this means more to me than ANY physique goals and i owe it to Bel in helping me prioritise my inner health and understanding what i really needed! sure i have reached some body goals and we still have a long way to go BUT that is the minuscule part of being with BBB, Bel is the big coach sis i never knew i needed, she just gets you, understands you and helps you in ways you cant even imagine

I have been working with bel since November last year, in these past 9 months I have not only changed my perspective on training and nutrition but my overall wellbeing. Bels optimism and strong knowledge has allowed me to grow not just physically but with creating an athlete mentality. Bel creates a safe and fun space which makes me want to strive for more.

I reached out to Bel feeling a bit lost and just stuck with my training and nutrition I needed someone who could help me tackle some hormone and gut issues I was having and we have made so much progress in such a short time. Mentally and physically I am feeling so much better, motivated, and challenged but also like I have flexibility within my life too, enjoying eating out and socialising. Truly beyond grateful to have Bel in my corner her support, dedication and eye for detail is truly unmatched ❤️

I noticed today my skin was so much clearer, like next level WOWZA! I haven’t felt this amazing in my body in soooo long! I am seeing definition in my legs that I’ve never seen before.. I am just so thrilled with everything. Thank you for being amazing and taking the time to explain everything to me each week in detail. Thank you for being a full rounded coach and not just someone that hands out generic meal plans and workouts.. everything you do is so personalised and suited to me as an individual and it’s honestly incredible. Thank you for everything Bel

I’ve worked with Bel for just under a year now, and I honestly can’t speak highly enough of her! Her attention to detail, knowledge and genuine passion for her clients is second to non! Bel coached me through my competition prep with the WBFF where I won my pro card and never have I ever had such an enjoyable prep! I made it a huge priority that my relationship with food was not compromised during my prep and Bel made adjustments and set a plan in place to help ensure we achieved that… which we did! I’m a huge advocate to make sure you work with a coach that you click with and who 100% understands your goals and needs, and I can confidently say I’ve found that in Bel… she’s stuck with me now 😂 Thank you Bel! You’ve changed my life!’ Love you!!

Thank you for being such an incredible coach & making it so easy to be compliant whilst & achieve my goals. Past coaches have just cut calories and made it difficult but having a great coach doing things the right way that looks after her athletes is amazing :) So as always thank you so much for that. The effort you put in is definitely noticed!