Kickstart Challenge 24

The BBB Kickstart Challenge has been created for anyone that wants kickstart
2024 healthier, happier, and fitter than
ever before.

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The BBB 8WK Kickstart Challenge

Begins on January 15th!

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opens on 26th of December till 5th of January. Offical intake closes 12th of January 9pm unless capacity is reached prior

If you want to know more about this challenge keep reading below

The BBB Kickstart Challenge is our most advanced and comprehensive challenge yet. Not only do we offer intensive and detailed training programs, meals plans and lifestyle guidelines via our app we also provide you with that 1:1 support with our coach client check ins every fortnight which is extremely valuable for those who tend to lack accountability after the first few weeks when things get challenging. This also supports the need for constant movement in parameters as you progress through the challenge. As you progress, your targets also need to progress accordingly.

Here at BBB we are extremely personable with our clients and that is something we’re proud of. You aren’t just a number, you’re a valued and hopefully long term client within BBB as soon as we welcome you into this challenge.



What to expect in terms of training with the
Kickstart Challenge?

Personalised interactive dashboard.

4x Training Days with a combination of both lower body and upper body workouts

4x HIIT cardio sessions (1x allocated per fortnight,)

Personalised step targets and cardio guidelines with heart rate goals

Core/Abs Exercises

Mobility & Stretching guidelines for optimal performance and recovery

All programs are written with precise detail including progressive overload targets week to week. This means it will include sets, reps, tempos and rest periods advised to take, for you to continuously progress through your program and get the best results possible!Exercise demonstration videos are included for every exercise within the BBB app so you can check that you’re executing each exercise correctly and safely to meet the BBB standards.

Note: all workouts are for gym-based training. Small home gyms we can accommodate too but this is not suitable for those training with just bands and body weight resistance. Access to a gym for this challenge is definitely preferred.

What to expect in terms of nutrition with the Kickstart Challenge?

  • Choice of macros, meal plan, OR both!

  • Includes completely personalised macro and calorie targets interchangeable every 2 weeks upon check-in

  • Option of additionally receiving a meal plan customised toward your preferences, macro guidelines & food allergies/intolerances to take the stress of tracking away

    (also interchangeable upon check-ins)

  • Everyone will receive an educational Ebook explaining how to track macros accurately using MFP (Valued at $19.95)

Additional Inclusions

Fortnightly comprehensive check-ins with our BBB coaches to monitor progress as well as make any necessary adjustments to keep you on track to achieving incredible results.

(Check-ins include a comprehensive check-in form required to complete fortnightly - where you have the opportunity to inform us about all things nutrition, training, sleep, stress, internal health, and current challenges you may be facing).

BBB Kickstart Handbook which teaches you everything you need to know when it comes to navigating the BBB app + tips and tricks for long-term lifestyle non-negotiable behaviors, ultimately we do hope beyond this challenge, that you do continue to uphold the methods and measures learned and put in place from this challenge.


$500 CASH OR 5 weeks FREE online coaching at completion of the challenge

1x face to face personal training session with Bel


Intake officially closes EOD 12th of Jan ...!

Reach Your Potential!

2000+ Transformations

Over the years BBB has empowered thousands of people to completely transform their lives. You can be next!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this will be available after the presale period only

You will receive 2x 4 week training blocks to complete the 8 week challenge, both of these training blocks provided will be sequential and with progressive overload targets week to week to ensure that you progress over your 8 weeks.

Upon completion of your initial consultation form, the BBB team will discuss the most appropriate coach for you based off of your goals and level of experience.

Yes of course, despite the kickstart challenge being an 8 week program, you will have app access for 9 weeks - allowing a delay of 1 week if necessary.

You will receive 3x total check ins over the course of 8 weeks (end of week 2, week 4 and week 6).

We will allow a grace period of up to 1 week, the official kickstart challenge commences on the 15th of January. If absolutely necessary, you could start it as late as the 22nd.

This will be instantly bank transferred via and Osko payment, so you will receive the funds immediately if successful

Yes of course, at the completion of the kickstart challenge we ultimately hope that you decide to want to continue on with week to week online coaching to keep going with the momentum you have built. Only so much progress can be achieved in 8 weeks, so this will be a great opportunity to keep your progress going long term.

You can expect a challenge extremely tailored and specific to your personal goals/circumstances, with frequent checks ins along the way to ultimately ensure that your targets progress as your physique progresses. You will have your highly skilled and intelligent BBB coach setting you up for success each fortnight, taking all of the guesswork out of it for you, so that you can simply follow the plan exactly as it is laid out specifically for you. Additionally, you will also have access to a comprehensive training app allowing you to log your progress along the way.

Unfortunately no, once purchased the kickstart challenge the sale is non-refundable.