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The Bodies By Bel coaching team bring the expertise you're looking for.

The Bodies By Bel coaching team is comprised of highly qualified industry professionals who are extremely dedicated to helping our clients achieve outstanding results. With a genuine passion for all things health & fitness and a wealth of expertise, our coaches are here to support you every step of the way.

Get ready to experience a truly transformative fitness journey with your new BBB coach by your side.

Oh hey ! I’m Bel

Bodies By Bel Founder - Bel

I am the owner & head coach at Team BBB. I am extremely passionate about my career & educating others on all thing’s health & fitness. I have a lot of pride in my work ethic and the attention to detail I provide my clients with throughout their coaching experience.

My coaching style is really quite hands on & holistic as I know from personal experience that there is so much more to achieving incredible physique goals than simply “eating clean and training hard”.

I have been in the industry for over 10 years now and I specialise in body recomposition, lower body development, gut & optimal health. I enjoy working with a whole range of clients from athletes to lifestyle & everything in between. Only prerequisite of mine is that you’re ready to give me your best!

Oh hey ! I’m Dan!

Coach Dan - The Right Hand Man

Dan is extremely knowledgeable and a fully qualified industry professional. He has an extraordinary work ethic & will always provides his clients with a crazy amount of detail upon check ins regardless of whether they’re an athlete or a lifestyle client.

Dan’s passion lies within biochemistry and has a background in biomedical + exercise science. He is big on education and always ensures he is teaching his clients “why” he suggests certain things along their coaching journey so they feel empowered to sustain results long term.

He is a competitive powerlifter with a strong interest in performance-based goals, however he is also very familiar with physique based sports too.

Dan can get along with everyone and is genuine as it gets making clients both male & female feel very comfortable under his guidance.

Oh hey ! I’m Ellen

Coach Ellen - IFBB Bikini Athlete

Ellen is fully qualified industry professional who is extremely driven and hard working in all aspects of her life.

Ellen specialises in lifestyle coaching & aspires to equip her clients with skills that will empower them along their journey both in and outside the gym. El has loads of industry experience and certainly practices what she preaches being an IFBB champion bikini athlete herself.

On top of all of this she is also extremely approachable, bubbly and down to earth making her a real asset to BBB’s team of coaches.

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