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Bel - CEO & Founder of Bodies By Bel

I started my ‘fitness’ journey obsessed with losing weight. Disordered eating and unhealthy amount of exercise sadly damaged me for years. However, I truly believe this phase of my life was crucial to mould me into the strong resilient athlete I am today.The many lessons I’ve learnt from my own journey is the purpose behind Bodies By Bel today.

I feel as though I have an obligation to spread my knowledge and help others understand that this extreme behaviour is not what ‘healthy’ looks like.

With over 10 years experience now as a full time coach I have helped hundreds of both women and men transform their lives for the better. Not only do I teach people how to achieve their aesthetic goals but I give them tools to help them strengthen their mindset & be able maintain this healthier lifestyle with ease.

I love to learn and continually up-skill my knowledge as the industry evolves & I am confident that my expertise produce results! I specialise in competition prep, body recomposition, lower body development, gut health, supplementation protocols, general health & wellness.

I am a very personable coach & have strong relationships with all of my clients as I work with majority of them long term. I will be honest with you and I will push you but remember, nothing great was ever achieved within your comfort zone.

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