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Lower Body Build x Bel

Bel’s Lower Body Build In App Training Program           

This product is a sequence of 6 week training block emphasing primarily on lower body development (quads, glutes, hamstrings & calves) with additional days of upper body & core work to build a balanced physique.

The exercise selection within this program will have you working lower body muscles you never new existed!

If you aren’t quite ready for the full BBB online coaching experience then this product is perfect for you!

BBB training app showcases myself performing all relevant exercise demonstrations, giving you full insight of how I train personally!

Having spent over 10+ years building my own physique, I have trialled, tested & experienced ALL kinds of training therefore I have designed this Lower Body Build to include all of my current philosophies & training principles for you to conveniently have at your fingertips.

What's Included

Bel’s Lower Body Build In App Training Program

If you’re serious about gaining some size in your glutes and legs then this program is going to be a game changer for you!

If you’re serious about gaining some size in your glutes and legs then this program is going to be a game changer for you!

In App 6 wk training block emphasis on lower body

5 day split p/w (3 x lower body & 2 x upper body/core)

In App exercise demonstrations performed by Bel

Free BBB Macro Tracking Handbook to help you set up your calories & macro targets inline with your goals

Track & log your progressive load & personal bests via the app

Access to the Bodies By Bel Facebook Forum

Gym equipment – dumbbells, barbells, machines & cables

This program does NOT include coaching services such as check-ins or support from our coaches. This program provides you with a training structure only.

Subsequent training phases released every 6 week

$20 per week subscription , with a min 6 week commitment.

Once you have purchased your 6 Week Training Program, your program will be assigned to your account immediately & you can dive right in as soon as you're ready! (Please note: you will only have 6 weeks of access to the app from the date of purchase!)

These programs have a 6-week term, there is no cancellation or refund within the term.

(Note: An additional $.65c transaction fees applies with every subscription payment)

OPTIONAL ADD ON - All programs have an option to add on personal macro targets & meal plan for $49.95. (Purchase Nutrition Plan on our Training Page).


Lower Body Volumes

All programs are inclusive of weekly progressive overload targets, so you know exactly what to do every time you step into the gym (reps, sets, tempos, rest periods the lot!)