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Build 1.0 - 8 Week Muscle Growth Program

This product is an 8 week in-app program with the emphasis primarily on assisting you to accrue more muscle & strength & have you well on your way to building the shape of your dreams.

This program includes both customised nutritional guidance as well as 2x epic BBB training programs proven to produce results for thousands of clients over the years!

If your not quite ready for the full BBB online coaching experience but are ready to level up with your training & make some serious gains, then this product is perfect for you!

Whether you are advanced or a beginner this program can cater for your needs!

The BBB training app showcases all relevant exercise demonstrations (performed personally by myself) giving you full insight of how I train & the technique required to generate the best results. Not only will this give you amazing guidance for the length of this program, but it will leave you feeling empowered & more knowledgeable with your training long term!

Having spent over 10+ years building my own physique, I have trialled, tested & experienced ALL kinds of training methods. Therefore, I have designed this 8 week Build 1.0 Program to include all of my current philosophies & training principles for you to conveniently have at your fingertips on your smart phone

What’s Included

With Every Burn Program

BBB 6 or 12 week training block designed by Bel herself giving you complete access to her unique training methods.

What's Included

Initial Consultation / option for a Phone Call or FaceTime available upon request.

2x 4WK in app Training Programs with precise progressive overload guidelines for each week (i.e. sets,reps,tempo,rest).

Exercise demonstration videos & detailed written explanations to perfect your technique.

Ability to track & record your training to ensure you are progressing with your performance goals

Cardio guidelines & steps + ability to sync Apple Watch or Fitbit to the App so you can hold yourself accountable.

Initial personalised macro/calorie targets specific to your goal & current body composition.

2 x FREE Meal Plan templates to educate you on how to break up your macros throughout the day & provide you with some meal prep inspiration!

Free BodiesByBel Macro Tracking Handbook to educate you on flexible dieting & tracking your macros correctly.

Access tto the BodiesByBel interactive Facebook Forum.

$20.00 P/W

Personalised Macros & step targets will be emailed to you within 24 Hours of purchase.

No cancellations or refunds within the 8 week period that you will have your resources. Product starts on day of purchase lasting for 10 weeks.

Please note: BBB Burn Program is a GYM -BASED training program  ONLY. Home based training programs can be purchased from the following link below:

Training Programs | Online Fitness Coach | Bodies by Bel

Please note: There is no correspondence with Head coach Bel throughout this program once initial calories/macros & step targets have been provided to you, for extensive coaching please apply for 1:1 Premium Online Coaching:

Online Coaching | Online Fitness Coach | Bodies by Bel