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Online Coaching

Here you get to work closely with me as I provide you with all the resources you need in order to achieve your personal fitness/physique goals.

Whether that may be to shred down, build muscle, get an insight into my unique training methods or simply be held accountable with your nutritional choices, I’ve got your back.

Meet The Team

The Bodies By Bel coaching team bring the expertise you're looking for.

The Bodies By Bel coaching team is made up of all highly qualified industry professionals passionate about helping YOU reach your full potential whether you be a competitor or fitness/lifestyle client. 

Our team specialise in a vast selection of expertise from body recomposition, hypertrophy, strength training, nutrition, internal, & hormonal health. 

We teach our clients to reach their physique goals by working from the inside out so that they don’t only LOOK good but FEEL good too. 

Included with Every Coaching Experience

Choose the Right Coaching Experience For You

Premium Level Coaching

Competitors please apply here.
$ 99
00 Per Week
  • You work with Bel Head Coach & Owner of Bodies By Bel.
  • For athletes or speciality clients who are ready to take their physique to the next level with intensive weekly coaching.
  • Includes blood work analysis & protocols when required.
  • Applicants will be added to a waitlist until Bel has availability.

Team Coaching

Clients of all levels apply here.
$ 77
00 Per Week
  • You work with the incredible, highly qualified team of Bodies By Bel coaches.
  • For beginner to advanced gym-goers who are ready to make their health, fitness & physique goals a reality with the support of our incredible BBB coaches.
  • You'll be assigned a dedicated mentor when you apply for this service based off your requirements & their areas of expertise.
    All training programs written by Bel herself.
  • The fastest way to guarantee yourself a spot on our team.