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Meet Belinda

BBB has a very strong purpose.

BBB has a very strong purpose.

I started my ‘fitness’ journey obsessed with losing weight. I was starving myself and absolutely exhausted.

Disordered eating and unhealthy amount of exercise sadly damaged me for years. However, I truly believe this phase of my life was crucial to mould me into the strong resilient athlete I am today.

The lessons I learnt from my own journey is the purpose behind Bodies By Bel.

I feel as though I have an obligation to spread my knowledge and help others understand that this extreme behaviour is not what ‘healthy’ looks like.

My passion for helping people resulted in me leaving my career as a fashion designer and taking the leap starting my own business as a full time coach.

I have now been doing this for 5 years and I’ll never look back.

In 2019 I was crowned a WBFF Figure Pro.

Competing is in my blood and standing up on that stage is the most rewarding feeling in the world after years of hard work and sacrifice. 2021 is going to be my biggest year yet with the world title in the forefront of my mind.

I specialise in body recomposition, lower body development, gut health, supplementation protocols and general wellness. However, in saying that I coach all kinds of people with a variety of goals who are simply ready to transform their lives!

Approach me with your goals, whatever they may be and I’ll provide you with the resources & support you need to get there.

Self Love – Empowerment – Confidence – Strength – Teamwork

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